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Here are the "HIGH ROLLERS" for week of October 9, 2017:


~~~~Moose - Larry Leggett 253, DeWayne, Stapleton 255-702 series, Ryan David 257
~~~~Booster - Mike Handley 257-713 series, Brad Blevins- 267, Jeff Griffith -259, Mike Wallace-268, Austin Groff-268,751 series, Stan Woods-257, Billy Zink-269, Ryan David-279,
Donny Wilkinson 276
~~~~Friday Morning Trio - Joey Glover-268, Mark Miller-254, Adam Dibble-250
~~~~Friday Nite Recreation - Tommy Etgen-256
~~~~Bowler & Bowlerettes - Jeff Maurer 264


~~~~Moose - Kasey Wallace - 550 series
~~~~Booster - Nycole Adcox - 235, Megan Restle -201, Dawn Simmons-248, 586 series, Heather Newman-217, 552 series, KC Toyias-212, 552 series
~~~~Industrial - Taya Hagewood-200
~~~~Friday Nite Recreation - Dawn Maurer-200


~~~~Majors - Aaric Page- 243,658 series, Scott Zizleman-235, 615 series, Chris Spencer-243, 639 series, Xander Webb-226, 621 series, Colten Lilly-267, 678 series, Destin Kuhn-280, 670 series, Lucas Schutt -627 series, Kyle Toyias-275, 642 series.